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Intensive Driving Courses Winchester


Sometimes our students want to learn how to drive, or get ready for their driving test, in a short space of time. Our intensive driving courses in Winchester are perfect for getting you up to speed quickly and making sure you have the confidence to take your test in as little time as possible. By opting into our intensive driving course, you’ll progress through the lessons swiftly but, the schedule can be taken at a pace that suits you, and we’ll create a driving lesson programme that fits in with your requirements and timescales.

Reasons to Take an Intensive Driving Course

  • If you have test standard driving skills but have recently failed
  • You need to take another driving test after losing your licence
  • You want to gain confidence in driving again after taking a break from learning
  • There are specific driving skills or maneuvers that you need to develop before taking a test
  • You are a complete beginner to driving but want to learn and get your driving licence as quickly as possible

 Prices and options on consultation by calling lendrum's on 07734 319 271 

Why Choose Lendrum’s Driving School

By enrolling on our intensive driving course in Winchester, we’ll help you to gain the driving skills that you will need to pass your driving test. Our driving instructors are very experienced and have lots of tips and tricks that they will pass on to you in order for you to pick things up quickly and easily. We’re proud to say that most of our intensive driving lesson students come to us through recommendations from friends who have achieved success from the Lendrum’s Driving School accelerated learn to drive programmes and we look forward to helping you to achieve your driving goals too.

5 Star Rated Driving School

5 Star Rated Intensive Driving Lessons in Winchester Lendrums Driving School

We are a 5 star rated driving school on FreeIndex and we’re very proud of all of the positive reviews that we receive from past students. Here are just a few of the highlights...

“I’ve given 5 stars because my instructor taught me everything I needed to know with high quality, experience and patience in order for me to pass, with a friendly manner and a good laugh now and then. Cheers Lendrum’s :)”

“ad a very professional and understanding instructor who always put my driving needs first. I would like to thank him for all the effort put in to help me pass my test, definitely would recommend. ”

Driving in and around Winchester

Winchester is a wonderful place to learn to drive. This old cathedral city is steeped in history and you’ll pass by many ancient relics and buildings during your driving lessons here. The old parts of the city will test your spacial awareness and car positioning skills, but you’ll become a dabhand at weaving in and out of the little narrow streets. Navigate the city centre’s circular one way system to brush up on your traffic light awareness before practising your hill starts on the outskirts of the city. The quiet residential areas of Fulflood, Stanmore, Weeke and Abbott’s Barton will give you plenty of space to learn how to pull away safely and to practice your parking and turning manoeuvres, and, when you’re ready, you can head north towards Headbourne Worthy, hop on the A34 and build your confidence of dual carriageway and high speed driving. Located right on the edge of the South Downs National Park, Winchester has access to a myriad of country lanes that will take you into beautiful countryside, so breathe in some fresh air, enjoy the ride, but always stay alert for leisure cyclists and horse riders! Winchester provides plenty of variety and interesting driving routes to ensure that you progress through your intensive driving course quickly and efficiently, getting you ready for your driving test in no time at all.

Manual and Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

When booking onto one of our intensive driving courses, you can choose to take the lessons in either an automatic or manual car. If you want to learn to drive quickly, automatic lessons can help to speed up the process. To drive an automatic car you won’t need to learn the skills of clutch control or changing gears so automatic driving is typically easier to pick up than manual transmission driving. That said, having a manual driving licence has many benefits and means you can drive both manual and automatic cars in the future. Manual driving lessons can be a bit more difficult, but all of our intensive driving instructors are well versed in showing students how to change gears and gain clutch control in a quick and simple manner.

 Prices and options on consultation by calling Lendrum's on 07734 319 271 

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