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Intensive Driving Courses Andover


Looking for intensive driving lessons in Andover?

We can help! Here at Lendrum’s Driving School we are experienced at helping students to learn how to drive and pass their driving test in a short space of time. Whether you are completely new to driving, or have some previous experience and want to brush up on your driving skills before taking a test, our driving instructors are ready to help you to develop your skills and knowledge quickly and efficiently. We are very flexible too, offering intensive driving courses to suit your schedule and availability.

Reasons to Take an Intensive Driving Course

  • You have some driving experience but want to feel more confident before taking a driving test
  • You started to learn to drive but took a break and now want to get back on track and take your test as soon as possible
  • There are a few driving maneuvers that you find a bit tricky and you need some help to master them before you take a test
  • You have recently failed a driving test and need some help to prepare for another one
  • You need to prepare to take another driving test after losing your licence
  • You are new to driving but are keen to learn and want to pass your driving test as quickly as possible

 Prices and options on consultation by calling lendrum's on 07734 319 271 

Why Choose Lendrum’s Driving School

Our intensive driving courses in Andover will help you to develop the skills and knowledge that you need to pass your driving test. We’ll work with you to build your confidence and get you to driving test standard in a short space of time so that you can get out on the road and enjoy the freedom of driving as soon as possible. Many of our students come through recommendations from friends and family and we strive to maintain this excellent reputation by looking after every single one of our students.

5 Star Rated Driving School

5 Star Rated Intensive Driving Lessons in Andover Lendrums Driving School

We have a very high standard of driving instructors and we often receive excellent reviews from our students. Here is one of our favourites...

"Paul is a great driving instructor. I was a fairly nervous driver before taking any driving lessons, but after starting to learn with Paul I quickly became far calmer and more confident. He explains everything clearly, is very patient and always punctual. I’d recommend him to anyone. Thanks Paul!"

Driving in and around Andover

The historic market town of Andover is a great place to learn to drive. With its plethora of 18th century buildings and the hustle and bustle of the town centre, you’ll never have a dull driving lesson in Andover! Head to the quiet suburbs of Foxcotte or Knights Enham to learn the basics of driving, master your clutch control, gear changes and signalling. Then, when you’re ready, pop into Andover town centre to practise your roundabout navigation and traffic light junction maneuvers. Head towards The Lights theatre and Andover Leisure Centre to take on some dual carriageway driving down Western Avenue and build up your confidence of busy urban driving during rush hour. Located on the edge of the North Wessex Downs, Andover provides you with lots of opportunities for gaining excellent rural driving experience too. Get up some speed on the national speed limit country roads whilst learning to read the road ahead and negotiate tight turns and various countryside hazards. Whichever driving routes you take around Andover, your instructor will ensure that you get a variety of different driving experiences to fully prepare you for your test and to make driving a fun and safe activity for you in the future.

Manual and Automatic Intensive Driving Courses

Whether you want to learn to drive a manual or automatic car, our intensive driving courses can cater for both. Automatic driving lessons are often popular amongst students who want to learn how to drive quickly as you can save lots of time by not having to learn about clutch control and gear changing. However, we have many students who choose to take their intensive driving course in a manual car and, with the expert assistance of our experienced driving instructors, they have mastered the art of clutch control and gear changing very quickly and gone on to pass their manual driving test in a short space of time.

Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons Andover Lendrums Driving School

 Prices and options on consultation by calling lendrum's on 07734 319 271  

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